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Past Performances

Earlier Historia Productions
  • DEAR CHOCOLATE SOLDIER (2018/2019) - It is June 1916. In Whiterock, a small village in Cornwall, a 6 year old girl, Joan Burbridge, watches as her father wraps up a packet of chocolate for the brave soldiers at the front. A thought strikes her...

  • FIRE AND PHOENIX (2016) (about the Great  Fire of  London 1666) by Kate Glover and directed by Kenneth Michaels, had a week’s  run at The Bridewell Theatre in November,  followed by a tour of City  Churches either affected by the Fire or with Pepysian associations. 8 actors took part.

  • MAGNA CARTA (2015), written and directed by Kate Glover toured London + venues associated with King John (e.g.  Rochester Cathedral and Newark Castle) as a rehearsed and costumed reading. 7 actors were involved.

  • QUEEN ANNE (2014) by Kate Glover and directed by Kenneth Michaels, had a 4 week run at the Barons Court Theatre July/August.  It was a full and costumed production. It was designed to coincide with the 300th anniversary of the death of Queen Anne on 1st August 1714.  Kate Glover was interviewed by Jenni Murray on WOMAN’S HOUR.  Jenni came to see the play and was very complimentary about it.

  • THE SOUND OF BREAKING GLASS (2012 - 2013) by Sally Sheringham was about the Suffragettes.  The play toured schools, as a costumed rehearsed reading (scripts in hand). 6 actors took part.

  • JUDENFREI (2011) was taken on as an in-house production by the New End Theatre, Hampstead (a Jewish house).  It was timed to coincide with Holocaust Memorial Day (marked by a moving Q and A session). It played throughout January.

  • JUDENFREI: LOVE AND DEATH IN HITLER’S GERMANY (2010) written by Kate Glover and directed by Tom Scott, was staged as a short touring production.  It told the true story of Jewish lawyers who were not allowed to work in Hitler’s Germany. It was inspired by an exhibition at the Temple Church in 2010 called Lawyers Without Rights.

  • AN AFRICAN'S BLOOD (2007-2008) by Kate Glover, was also an anniversary play. It opened days after the 200th anniversary marking the passing of the act to stop the slave trade in March 1807. This toured, with 6 actors, as a rehearsed reading. The play toured the country from Liverpool, Bristol, Hull (Birthplace of Wilberforce), Cambridge and Wisbech (birthplace of Clarkson).  It also had many performances in schools, museums and theatres in London.

  • FIVE ELEVEN : THE POWDER TREASON (2005) written by Kate Glover and directed by Rebecca Atkinson-Lord.  This was about the Gunpowder plot. It toured in London and in Warwickshire (the heartlands of the plotters) and was timed to coincide with the 400th anniversary of the Plot on 5th November 2005.

  • EVELINA (2004) (An adaptation of the novel by Fanny Burney) by Kate Glover, premiering as a rehearsed reading at Dr Johnson’s house and then going onto a 4 week production at Pentameters Theatre (March 2004)

  • A PASSIONATE ENGLISHMAN (1997 and 2000), based on the life of William Penn and set in the form of a dialogue between Penn and Samuel Pepys.

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