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Actors, Theatres and Organisations:

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Theatres & Performance Spaces

The Barons Court Theatre, London

All Hallows By The Tower

St Mary Le Bow

St Marks Regents Park

Christchurch Highbury

St Mary's Staines

Newark Castle

Rochester Cathedral

Merton Priory Chapter House

The Bridewell Theatre

St Olave's Hart Street

St Stephen Walbrook

St Mary Woolnoth

St Dunstan's College

Hatcham (Habs)

Sydenham  Girls

Croydon Girls

Burlington Danes

Alton Convent School

Davenant School

Prendergast School

OSO Community Arts Centre

Foxlowe Arts Centre Leek​

The CAA Concert Artistes' Association

Actors & behind the scenes

Edmund Dehn

Facebook - And Tomorrow Theatre Company

Twitter @DOAHFinborough & @AndTomorrowTC
   played King John in 'Magna Carta'

Gregory Cox

   played Reggie in 'The Sound of Breaking Glass'

Richard Ward

   played Lord Sidney Godolphin in 'Queen Anne'

Harry Saks

   played Mayor Bludworth and Joshua Kirton

   in 'Fire and Phoenix'

Mary Drake

   played Kitty and Mrs Griggs in 'The Sound of

   Breaking Glass'

John Sears

   played Thomas Farynor in 'Fire and Phoenix'


Kate Glover

   played Guglielma Penn in 'A Passionate Englishman'

   played Anne Vaux in Five Eleven

   played Hannah More in 'An African's Blood'

   played Elisabeth Lowenfeld in 'Judenfrei'

   played Lady Cleghorne and Ethel in 'The Sound

   of Breaking Glass'

   played Sophia, Electress of Hanover

   in 'Queen Anne'

   played Lady Hobart in 'Fire and Phoenix'

Robin Miller

   played Emma Marland in 'The Sound of Breaking Glass'

Clare Joy Langford


   played Matilda de Briouze and Queen Isabella

   in 'Magna Carta'​

James Price

   played Eustace de Vesci (one of the rebel barons)

   in 'Magna Carta'

   played Will Hewer, Charles II and Christopher Wren

   in 'Fire and Phoenix'

Lewis Rae

   played William Wilberforce in 'An African's Blood' 

   played Sir Edward Coke, William de Briouze and

   William Marshall in 'Magna Carta'

Chris Courtenay

   played in 'An African's Blood'

   played Sir Edward Coke in 'Magna Carta'

Harry Saks
Richard Ward
John Sears
Mary Drake

sadly no longer with us...

Tania Foley - died age 39

   played both Jane Birch & Susannah Kirton in

   'Fire and Phoenix'


Mike Goodenough - died in his early 50s

   played Thomas Clarkson in 'An African's Blood'

Edmund Sutton

   lighting design for 'Queen Anne'

Hedley England

   sound design for 'Fire and Phoenix'

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