And one of our actresses is getting excited... check out what Clare Joy Langford says on her facebook page :

" What do Hugh Hefner, Clint Eastwood, Christopher Reeves and me have in common (besides our ‘effortless’ photo poses) ??


Namely, a ship called The Mayflower!

Hugh, Clint and Christopher (we’re on first name terms ) are all descendants of John Bradford, the son of Dorothy and William Bradford, members of a group of separatists who set sail from Holland aboard The Mayflower in search of The New World in 1620.

And I play Dorothy Bradford in Historia Theatre Company’s staged reading of ‘The Mayflower’ which takes place in various venues over the next two weeks!!"

We're sure it will be a great success, great to have you on board!


Rehearsal photos below were kindly provided by Simon Brandon


Check out the audience feedback from our performances in November 2021:


Photos from the dress rehearsal - all taken by Theatre Photographer Paddy Gormley  +44 (0) 20 8319 4276

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Historia presents Kate Glover's new play - 

They faced

  • harassment over the way they wanted to worship

  • the arrest of their leaders

  • bullying by Venture Capitalists

  • sickness and death on board

  • terrifying storms at sea

  • heartbreak over the people they had to leave behind

  • worries over enough food and supplies

  • no knowledge about what they would find when they got there

As planned, MAYFLOWER got its first public outing on Sunday 22nd November 2020 as a ZOOM performance. Nearly 100 people turned up. Very many thanks to you for coming and also for the generous donations that you have sent. 

Our international audience came from the USA, Canada, Australia, France and the UK.

FEEDBACK: We had lots of great feedback and we are also hoping to edit a recording of the show. You can read what others said:

  • Zoom Chat comments

  • Email comments

  • see top of this page for November 2021 audience feedback

Mimi Brooks ( or on Facebook Jellyfish Video Marketing) has provided an excellent video to get you into the mood for this play - have a look!

12 November 2021 - hot off the press

The Islington Tribune has published an article about our play. If you haven't booked your tickets yet, maybe bring some young enthusiasts along?

Read the article:


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More from Clare Joy Langford on her facebook page:

If you are unable to make our show at the Dutch Church next Tuesday, do check out this fascinating documentary on @bbciplayer : The Mayflower Pilgrims : Behind The Myth ( )
It’s quite fascinating to explore the human stories of those who set sail from Holland and England in search of the New World, facing enormous peril and sacrifice.

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